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November 16, 2018
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November 16, 2018
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Profade 2 Gel


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Healing gel for all types of skin with tattoos

Profade 2 Regenerator Moisturizing Gel is a regenerative product that helps reduce irritation or redness that may be produced after a new tattoo or a laser removal procedure. It also acts as a scar removal cream as it contains Poly-Helixan PF and Dragon’s Blood, exclusive ingredients of the Profade formula that promote faster and more effective skin regeneration. Profade can be used on any types of scars (after a tattoo, laser treatment, on scars from cuts, burns, or any other type of injury) but should never be put on open wounds.

Profade 2 Regenerator Moisturizing Gel is made for:

  • Regenerating and healing damaged areas of the skin
  • Reducing irritation from laser treatments or a new tattoo
  • Removing the appearance of redness and irritations from the skin
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