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Profade 1 Cream


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Moisturizing Cream for all types of skin with tattoos

Profade 1 Pre-Moisture Cream is a hydrating cream that contains Hydrovance® and Bio-Hydractyl, innovative components that promote natural moisture and prepares the skin before being tattooed or before a laser tattoo removal procedure. Through the use of these products the skin will be in the best form possible to ensure the process of receiving or removing a tattoo goes smoothly. Furthermore, Profade 1 contains olive oil, aloe vera, and honey, ingredients that improve the resilience of the skin, keep the skin clean, and keep bacteria away. Profade is a great option for use as a daily body cream, given that, the more often it is used the more protected the skin will be against bacteria and other external factors.

Profade 1 Pre-Moisture Cream is made for:

  • Moisturizing the skin before getting a tattoo
  • Preparing the skin to undergo a laser treatment
  • Keeping skin protected from and free of bacteria
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