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Feminil Pills is a dietary supplement intended to augment female libido naturally. It is a sexual desire enhancer compound which includes natural ingredients for hormonal balance and improves vaginal lubrication. This improves excitation and sensitivity of the intimate area. It is also recommended for the menopausal stage as it increases estrogen levels.

Feminil Pills are used to:

  • Improve female libido
  • Provide greater sexual satisfaction
  • Provide greater sexual satisfaction

How to enhance libido with Feminil Pills?

The natural components that make Feminil Pills help improve blood circulation thereby producing a relaxation in the intimate area that increases lubrication and pleasure thus increasing libido and improving the potential problems of lack of sexual desire. This allows sex to be much more enjoyable, thanks to its aphrodisiac and compelling effect.

It also decreases vaginal dryness and increases sexual energy. Unlike other products, it improves female libido naturally. It also improves hormone levels created by the arrival of menopause.


Maca: An aphrodisiac plant which acts as an energizer, hormonal regulator and produces beneficial effects for sexual function because of its high concentration of proteins and nutrients.

Serenoa repens (Saw Palmetto): A natural aphrodisiac that increases sexual appetite.

Ginkgo Biloba: Improves blood circulation. It also helps fight fatigue, depression and confusion.

Black pepper: It contains aphrodisiac properties to increase female libido. It also facilitates the absorption of all other components more quickly and efficiently.

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