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V-XL Beard Facial Hair Formula


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V-XL BEARD is a dietary supplement formulated to support healthy facial hair.

Drink plenty of water, V-XL BEARD works best when you are fully hydrated. One bottle lasts a month, our recommended dose is 2/3 capsules per day, it is up to you. Your beard grows the most when you are sleeping, try to get enough sleep.

Feature Benefits

  • Newest & most advanced facial hair growth supplement to date
  • A dietary supplement specifically formulated to support healthy facial hair
  • Grow faster and stronger than ever before
  • V-XL BEARD can help to minimize beard itch by regulating oil production
  • Prevents the clogging of facial oil glands and buildup of beard dandruff.
  • Gain a nice skin and hair sheen
  • No side effects other than increased facial hair growth


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